Salmon in a UV Torpedo Conveyor - UV Disinfection - Listeria


Case Study

Case Study:
Increasing Product Shelf Life of Fresh Salmon Fillets

UV Torpedo® Conveyor 
Marine Products (Scotland) Ltd 

The surface contamination of fish, in this case Listeria Monocytogenes on Salmon, can significantly reduce shelf life. JenAct and Marine Products Scotland investigated the efficiency of UV using disinfection systems in the treatment of fresh Salmon fillets.


Trials were conducted in a production environment at Marine Products Scotland, where the new JenAct UV Torpedo® Conveyor, was tested. The main aim was to determine whether UV Disinfection Systems have a place in the fish processing industry, in particular, the Salmon industry, to provide quick, economic and chemical-free decontamination. 

UV Disinfection Conveyor - UV torpedo