UV TORPEDO   Surface

UV Surface Disinfection System for HVAC

UV Torpedo® Surface Disinfection Systems for HVAC, are designed to deliver UVC energy to disinfect foods, food packaging materials, (jars cans lids) medical and pharmaceutical products, either on a conveyor or a static surface. The UV Torpedo® Surface is used to stop the growth of bacteria, moulds and microorganisms, not only on foods and food packaging, but also  on evaporator coils within air ducts.

Microbial build-up surrounding cooling coils, prevents free air flow and causes a loss in thermal efficiency. A cleaner more efficient HVAC system reduces energy, overheads, water consumption and conserves natural resources. These UV Torpedo® Surface Disinfection lamps are easy to install, with easy integration into custom made tunnels.

The stainless-steel fixtures accommodate highly reflective aluminium inserts to maximise the UVC irradiation at the target.


Our IP65 rated version is food-safe and does not require any substantial cooling, which means that the UV Torpedo® Surface Disinfection lamp can be used to disinfect any temperature sensitive or small objects, i.e.,medical parts, contact lenses, pharmaceuticals etc.

UV Surface Disinfection for HVAC - UV Torpedo Surface
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