UV TORPEDO   Surface

UV Disinfection System for Surfaces and HVAC

UV Torpedo® Surface Disinfection Systems deliver UVC germicidal light to disinfect foods, food packaging materials, (jars cans lids) medical and pharmaceutical products, either on a conveyor or a static surface. The UV Torpedo® Surface is used to stop the growth of bacteria, moulds and microorganisms, not only on foods and food packaging, but also on evaporator coils, within air ducts, in ventilation and air conditioning units, (HVAC) which are ideal breeding areas for creating and spreading mould, bacteria and viruses,

Microbial build-up surrounding cooling coils, prevents free air flow and causes a loss in thermal efficiency. A cleaner more efficient HVAC system reduces energy, overheads, water consumption and conserves natural resources. These UV Torpedo® Surface Disinfection lamps are easy to install, with easy integration into custom made tunnels.

The stainless-steel fixtures accommodate highly reflective aluminium inserts to maximise the UVC irradiation at the target.


Our IP65 rated version is food-safe and does not require any substantial cooling, which means that the UV Torpedo® Surface Disinfection lamp can be used to disinfect any temperature sensitive or small objects, i.e.,medical parts, contact lenses, pharmaceuticals etc.

UV Surface Disinfection for HVAC - UV Torpedo Surface