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JenAct Limited specialises in UV Disinfection,  UV Surface Sterilisation Systems and Microwave UV Technology, as well as new features, like Pulsed UV.


Designing and manufacturing bespoke and specialist machines for businesses, combining our technical expertise

with a scientific approach, enables us to recommend and design the most appropriate UV equipment for wide range of applications.


Our JenAct Ltd range of products includes:


Our customers benefit from state-of-the-art UV disinfection modelling software, which we have developed to achieve efficient sizing of UV Air Disinfection Systems. 

Jenact also develops UV Technologies for the JentonUV range of products, providing UV Curing/Drying solutions.
JentonUV also offers UV Radiometers for both UV Curing and UV Disinfection applications.

About JenAct Ltd

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