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UV Systems for HVAC

UV Air Disinfection for HVAC, equipped with UVC lamps, inactivates, “kills” biological contaminants in ventilation systems and in air streams.

The UV Torpedo® Air and Surface Disinfection System, which is especially useful during the current pandemic to fight COVID-19, uses UV-C Disinfection Technology to destroy biological contaminants.

We utilise our unique UV disinfection modelling software to estimate and predict the efficacy and performance of our UV Disinfection Systems. The controls can be customised and all our UV disinfection systems use high-quality, long-life UV germicidal lamps

UV Torpedo® Air Disinfection 

Destroys biological and chemical contaminants as they pass through the duct. Drastically improving the air quality.
Ventilation and air conditioning units do more than simply condition the air. They provide an ideal breeding ground for mould, bacteria & viruses which can cause operational issues, potential litigation, spread bacteria and microorganisms and in severe cases cause loss of life.

A cleaner, more efficient system not only prevents the spread of disease and contaminants, it reduces overheads whilst conserving natural resources by reducing energy and water consumption.

The in-duct disinfection system provides UVC disinfection energy, which destroys microbial, biological and chemical contaminants as they pass through the duct, drastically improving the air quality.

The UV module consists of four high-output UVC lamps mounted on a custom designed polished aluminium reflector. The UV Torpedo Duct is mounted parallel to the air stream in order to maximise the contact time of the contaminants with the UVC energy, cleaning the air as it flows past the UVC lamps.

Our standard system requires about 1.8m straight section of the duct and comes with all required fittings. At JenAct Ltd we have a state-of-the-art UV disinfection modelling software that predicts the performance of the system. The controls are customized to suit your needs and can be monitored by any building management system using low voltage signals. All our UV disinfection units are made with high quality long-life UV lamps.
UV In-Duct Air Disinfection HVAC - UV Torpedo Duct

Features include:

  • Consists of four high-output UVC lamps mounted on the custom designed polished aluminium reflector.

  • Custom geometry maximises the amount of UVC available from the lamps

  • Standard system requires about 1.8m straight section of the duct and comes with all required fittings

  • Customised solutions are also available, contact us for more detail

UV Crossbow Surface

UV Surface Disinfection for HVAC - UV Torpedo Surface

Benefits include:

  • Simple to install and integrate into HVAC system or machines

  • Efficient and easy to clean

  • High-efficacy reflector (optional)

  • IP65 rating (optional)

Sterilise products and materials on either a conveyor or a static surface
UV Surface disinfection is a process used to sterilise products and materials on either a conveyor or a static surface, products include, but are not limited to food, sheet materials, jars, cans, lids and more.

In general, surfaces are more difficult to treat because the contaminated surface area must be fully irradiated by UVC, so we use UV tunnels created to achieve 360 degrees irradiation, because of the built in reflector it maximises UVC output allowing more surface area to be reached.

Our UV Crossbow surface can also be used to stop the growth of bacteria, moulds and microorganisms on evaporator coils within your air duct. Microbial build-up on heat exchange plates and drain pans of the cooling coils results in increased resistance to air flow and a loss in thermal efficiency. A cleaner, more efficient HVAC system not only reduces overheads but also conserves natural resources by reducing energy and water consumption.

Over the years we have acquired valuable expertise in conventional UV systems design for uv surface disinfection. Our customers benefit from our unique UV sizing software which is used to optimise the placements and output of UV lamps for surface disinfection.

All our lamps are easy to install (with easy integration into custom made tunnels), have an IP65 rating, are made from easy clean stainless steel, plus our UV lamps can also be coated with fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) to achieve a high level of protection against glass contamination caused by accidental breakages. 
Knowledge Base JenAct Ltd

Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base provides content and further information to download, explaining the science and technology behind the products we are developing, applications and the industries we supply.

Surface Disinfection

Torpedo® Air and Surface Systems can be used in:

Tackling sick building syndrome with HVAC UV disinfection systems:
The Facts

771 people monitored in 3 different buildings over the period of 48 weeks
Respiratory Symptoms Reduced

40% reduction of respiratory symptoms with 20% reduction in overall sickness
Safer Surfaces

99% reduction of microbial and endotoxin concentrations on irradiated surfaces within the ventilation system
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771 people monitored in UV Disinfection case study
UVC Disinfection and respiratory symptoms
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