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UV Disinfection for Dentists, Doctor's Surgeries, Offices

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UV Disinfection Conveyor

JenAct UV Disinfection Conveyors decontaminate surfaces of packaging and foods.

UV Disinfection Conveyors, sometimes also called UV Decontamination Tunnels, can disinfect surfaces of many items such as packages, packaging, airport trays and bags, boxes, post, parcels, tools or any other objects, which may be transferring viruses and bacteria via touch. They are often used for transferring items and materials into high care areas.

UV Conveyors for Disinfection of Surfaces

Inactivate microorganisms on surfaces of various items as they go through the UV decontamination zone

Process Validation

See our machines in action, here's our UV Disinfection Conveyor validating a UV dose
UV Decontamination Tunnel for Surface Disinfection
UV Disinfection Conveyor - Wire Belt
UV Disinfection Flat Belt Conveyor
UV Disinfection Conveyor - Flat Belt
UV disinfection conveyor - rollers
UV Disinfection Conveyor - Rollers
JenAct UV Disinfection Conveyors are equipped with UV-C lamps, which are producing germicidal ultraviolet radiation. The conveyors are designed to inactivate microbiological contaminants on surfaces of various items, which are passed through the conveyor. The conveyors provide dry, contactless and chemical-free inactivation of viruses, bacteria and moulds which are present on the treated items. If required, disinfection from all sides, i.e. 360 degrees, can be achieved.

Applications include trays and packaging in pharmaceutical industry, food items and packaging in food industry, or general disinfection of items to reduce of risk of possible cross-contamination (tools, phones, devices etc.).

Benefits of UV disinfection:

  • Free of chemicals

  • Contactless disinfection

  • Performance monitored

  • Process can be validated

  • Easy to use

JenAct UV wirebelt conveyor closed
JenAct UV wirebelt conveyor open
UV disinfection conveyor roller
JenAct UV conveyor with door
JenAct UV Conveyor ISO view

UVC Disinfection Oven

A low pressure UVC disinfection oven with timer

Ideal for surface disinfection of items in laboratories, and areas where items have been handled, prior to being used in clean areas. The units is fitted with a number of low pressure Philips/Signify lamps, open wire shelves and a timer.

Philips UVC Disinfection Oven.png
Learn more about the science

To discover more about our UV Conveyors and the benefits of UV technology please download our presentation.
Knowledge Base JenAct Ltd
Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base provides content and further information to download, explaining the science and technology behind the products we are developing, applications and the industries we supply.

UV Disinfection Conveyor can be used in:

JenAct and Marine Products Scotland, investigate the efficacy of using UV Disinfection Conveyors in the decontamination process and prolonging the shelf life and freshness of the Salmon fillets.
Retaining the taste

Temperature within close proximity of the UV lamps was below 30°C to ensure proteins within the product were unaffected by the heat generated from the lamps and the taste of the salmon remains unaffected.
Elimination of Contamination

Carefully designed and engineered UV disinfection systems achieve significant reduction of potential microbiological contamination even in the most challenging applications.
Built-in Reflector

The built-in reflector in the JenAct’s lamp fixture does not have to be cleaned during entire life time of the UV lamp, which assures its continuous performance.
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If you would like to discuss how our UV Air Disinfection Systems can help your business please arrange a callback and one of our friendly team will be in touch to discuss with you.
Temperature control
Eliminate contamination
Built-In reflector

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