UV Surface Disinfection Conveyors, also known as UV Decontamination Tunnels, are equipped with a UV-C disinfection zone, designed to reduce microbiological contamination on the surface of foods, such as meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, seeds, packaging materials, pharmaceuticals. Aimed for use within the food, pharmaceutical, packaging and medical industries, our UV Surface Disinfection Conveyors  can safely and effectively apply UVC to medical items, trays, post, parcels etc. or wherever surface disinfection and sterilisation is essential. Research indicates that Covid-19 (Coronavirus), can survive on packaging surfaces, such a cardboard and plastic and the use of UV Disinfection Conveyors, can be effective in the fight against Covid-19.

The UV Disinfection zone consists of two arrays of UV-C Germicidal UV lamps. The top array is mounted above the wire belt and the bottom array of UV-C lamps is mounted below the wire belt, facing upwards. This setup achieves disinfection on all sides of any item placed on the conveyor. So-called ‘pingers’ are installed within the UV disinfection zone to agitate the item on the belt and reduce potential shadowing from the wire belt.    

UV Disinfection Conveyor


Designed for use within the food industry, this UV Surface Disinfection Conveyor reduces the risk of transferring microbiological contamination on the surface of foods.

UV Disinfection Conveyor

Case Study


This case study looks at the use of UV Disinfection Conveyors, treating fresh Salmon fillets, using the UV Torpedo® Conveyor, and the effect it has on Listeria Monocytogenes contamination. Such contamination significantly reduces shelf life.
JenAct and Marine Products Scotland,
investigated the efficacy of using UV Surface Disinfection Conveyors in the decontamination process and prolonging the shelf life and freshness of the  Salmon fillets.



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