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Excimer UV Curing System

Excimer UV Curing System

Odour Control Systems using vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV or UVV) UV Ozone Generators

Excimer UV Curing System

This UV Curing System, which utilises a special excimer lamp, is an example of a bespoke UV System, which we can develop for our clients. In this particular case, a client required a slow-moving process, in a controlled nitrogen atmosphere, with the means of adjusting the height of the excimer lamp above a treated surface.

Where to use our UV Disinfection

JenAct offer bespoke and specialist machines for businesses, combining technical expertise with a scientific approach. Our state-of-the-art UV disinfection modelling software can be applied for a wide range of applications.
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Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base provides content and further information to download, explaining the science and technology behind the products we are developing, applications and the industries we supply.

Where choose UV Disinfection

Cost Effective

Our customers benefit from state-of-the-art UV disinfection modelling software, we have developed to achieve efficient sizing of UV Air Disinfection Systems. 
Improves Air Flow and Ventilation

We design and manufacture bespoke and specialist machines for businesses, combining our technical expertise with a scientific approach.
Backed by Scientific Studies

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JenAct Ltd offer cost effective solutions
JenAct products improve air flow and ventilation
JenAct products are backed by scientific studies

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