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Specialist UV Systems

Pulsed UV to enrich mushrooms with Vitamin DUV Odour Control SystemsExcimer UV Lamp Curing and Microwave UV using UV Radiation, specifically designed for harsh environments,  JenAct products are used in various applications across a number of industries.
Pulsed UV Conveyor Enriches Mushrooms with Vit D

Pulsed UV Conveyor used for enrichment of mushrooms with Vitamin D. Pulsed UV Conveyors, using UV Technology, pulse UV light over mushrooms passing through a conveyor, increasing the nutritional amount of Vitamin D, the mushrooms provide.

UV Odour Control System

Odour Control Systems using

vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV or UVV)
UV Ozone Generators.

Knowledge Base JenAct Ltd

Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base provides content and further information to download, explaining the science and technology behind the products we are developing, applications and the industries we supply.

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