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Xenon Pulsed UV Light

Pulsed UV Light Systems from Xenon Corporation deliver broad band, high-intensity energy.

High peak UV is used for sintering, curing, disinfection and vitamin enhancement and other applications. High peak intensity and broad spectrum allows faster transfer of energy and greater penetration into materials than other UV technologies. Light can be provided at full power ‘instantly’ meaning that warm up periods are not required and ‘on demand’ applications are possible.

High Peak UV



High energy UV is absorbed by finely ground metallic particles causing them to melt and fuse. Great application:
printed electronics.



Pulsed UV can be delivered on demand and penetrates deeply within materials as well as delivering UVC for good surface coating.
Great applications:
UV ovens, UV laboratory systems, UV curing of thick coatings and adhesives.



Within seconds, the energy destroys DNA of microorganisms by photochemical, photothermal and photophysical mechanisms.  
Great applications:
Pulsed Light solutions are being used to fight the COVID-19 pandemic with innovative space exposure applications. Pulsed UV can disinfect through packaging and difficult to disinfect foodstuffs such as chicken. [The technology is FDA approved for use with food and food surfaces.]


Vitamin Enhancement

Pulsed UV is rich in UVB which can enhance vitamin D in mushrooms to 30x at food factory production speeds. 

Visit our Knowledge Base to find out more and view our Pulsed UV Whitepapers and Presentations

Xenon Pulsed Light UV Systems can be used in:

pulsed ultraviolet light on eggs.jpg
The efficacy of pulsed ultraviolet light processing for table and hatching eggs
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