Mushrooms - Pulsed UV - Vitamin D Enriched

with Vitamin D 

Pulsed UV Light Enriches Mushrooms

with Vitamin D

UV Light enriches mushrooms with Vitamin D. By passing through mushrooms on UV Conveyors exposed to Pulsed UV (ultraviolet) irradiation, the nutritional amount of Vitamin D in the mushrooms, is increased. Higher levels of vitamin D in our diets, has major health benefits, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic

Why is this important? 

Vitamin D provides many health benefits: healthy bones, improves muscle, heart, lung and brain function and has major health benefits, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vitamin D intake comes from exposure to the sun as well as taking supplements.

Increasing the amount of vitamin D in our diets, without having to go into the sun, has major health benefits, especially during the winter months, for those living in the Northern Hemisphere. It decreases the risk of skin damage, but increases the healthy toxins we need. 

Enriching mushrooms with vitamin D is becoming more and more popular in the UK, as the benefits are becoming understood. 

According to published research, the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of vitamin D is 10mcg per day. Sun grown mushrooms contain around 1mcg of vitamin D per 100g, 10% of the RDA. Enriching mushrooms with our Pulsed UV Conveyor, produces mushrooms with up to 20mcg per 100g, 200% of the RDA.

Each machine can be customised, designed to meet specific needs, with adjustable guide rails to accommodate any punnet size, with speeds up to 150+ punnets per minute, making it easier to super enrich mushrooms with vitamin D.

Pulsed UV Conveyor Enriches Mushrooms with Vit D