UV Light Air Purifier for Food

UV Food Disinfection device, used where fresh food is stored and handled, in large food production and processing facilities, food plants and food factories, destroys Covid-19 and more than 99.99% of airborne viruses, salmonella,E-Coli Influenza, MRSA, Tuberculosis, bacteria, moulds and disables airborne microorganisms, reduces spoilage, maintains freshness and increases food shelf life. Fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and food packaging can be treated and when exposed to UV light,  decreases the incidence of spoilage. Using ultraviolet UV-C germicidal radiation, prevents cross-contamination and the spread of infection in seconds, with no chemicals.

The GRU-V® Food UV Air Disinfection device is a wall-mounted unit, designed to achieve optimum circulation of air within a room, with low noise operation. It accommodates two powerful germicidal UV lamps with a rated lifetime of 8,000 hours (approximately one year of continuous use), suitable for food storage and production areas, with controlled humidity.


The GRU-V® Food, UV Air Disinfection unit, is manufactured with a rigid stainless steel construction, supplied with shatterproof UVC lamps, does not produce any ozone, harmful particles or odours, is ideal for UV Air Disinfection in applications where the reduction of airborne viruses, bacteria and moulds, is required. 


It is manufactured in the UK by Jenton International Ltd

GRU-V Air Purifier - UV Disinfection Unit
UV Air Disinfection for Food - GRU-V