Salmon - UV Disinfection - Listeria


UV Decontamination Tunnels, disinfect microbiological contamination on the surfaces of all types of products passing  through the conveyor. It is a simple and reliable process that reduces the risk of transferring contamination, by killing micro-organisms such as bacteria, mold, viruses yeast and fungi, instantly, without any chemicals.

UV Decontamination Tunnels are used for the reduction of microbiological contamination on the surface of food products such as meat, cheese, fresh fruit, vegetables, seeds, packaging materials, pharmaceuticals and wherever disinfection and sterilisation is essential. They are also used when transferring products from low to high care areas.

UV Decontamination Tunnels contain one or more UV treatment zones through which items pass on a conveyor belt and are treated with germicidal UVC radiation (wavelength 254nm). The UV treatment zones contain multiple UV lamps, providing treatment on all sides, as the product moves through the tunnel. Each UV treatment zone is actively cooled, but our decontamination tunnels do not require air exhaust lines for thermal management.

The UVC radiation is generated by IP65 shatterproof lamp fixtures (IP rating certified by UKAS approved laboratory), each accommodating a UVC lamp and a high efficiency UVC reflector of a custom design. 


The process starts with UVC light (at an optimal wavelength of 253.7nm) penetrating the cell wall of the micro-organism. The high energy photons of the UVC light are absorbed by the cell proteins and DNA / RN. UVC damages the protein structure causing metabolic disruption. The DNA is chemically altered so organisms can no longer replicate or  metabolise, preventing the spread of disease or any spoilage.

UV Decontamination Tunnel for Surface Disinfection