UV In-Duct
Air Disinfection for HVAC

UV In-Duct Air Disinfection System for HVAC, the UV Torpedo® Duct, installed in ventilation and air conditioning units, ideal breeding environments for mould, bacteria and viruses, provides UVC disinfection energy, which destroys biological, bacterial and chemical contaminants passing through air ventilation or air-conditioning ducts, dramatically improving air quality. The UV Torpedo® Duct consists of four, high-output UVC lamps, mounted on custom-designed polished aluminium reflectors, mounted parallel to the airstream, in order to maximise the contact time of the contaminants, with the UVC energy.

Our standard system requires about 1.8m straight section of the duct and comes with all required fittings. The performance of the UV Torpedo® Duct can be controlled and monitored via any building management system using low-voltage signals. The UV Torpedo® Duct is suitable for both new and retrofit installations.

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