uv disinfection for Covid 19
U Air Disinfection for Food, Medical Environments, Covid-19

UV Light is a proven technology for reducing bacteria, viruses and harmful microorganisms. Our UV-C Air Disinfection Devices, using Germicidal UV Light, destroy Covid-19, 99.9% of airborne viruses, Coronavirus, Influenza, MRSA, Tuberculosis, E-Coli, other bacteria and moulds, improve air quality, provide UV Air Disinfection and sterilization. Suitable for use by dentists doctor surgeries, in healthcare and medical facilities, in the food industry, offices and hairdressers.

prevents mould mildew on boats and in cars  - BoatFresh and MotorSan

Boatfresh and MotorSan

 Prevents mould and mildew forming on boats and in cars, this UV Air Purification device, is designed to destroy airborne bacteria and moulds, using proven UV Germicidal Light  technology from the food processing and health industries.  

UV Air and Surface Disinfection for HAVAC, Covid-19

UV Torpedo Systems

UV Torpedo® Air Disinfection System, destroys biological contaminants in HVAC air ducts, air streams, cooling and evaporating coils, disinfecting and sterilizing surfaces. Designed for use in the food industry to decontaminate food, food packaging surfaces, medical products and pharmaceuticals, this UV Air and Surface disinfection system is effective for use during the current Coronavirus pandemic, to fight Covid-19.

Pulsed UV Light Systems

Xenon Pulsed UV Light

Pulsed UV Light Systems from Xenon Corporation deliver high-intensity energy. Within seconds, the energy destroys DNA of microorganisms by photochemical, photothermal and photophysical mechanisms. Pulsed Light solutions are being used to fight the Covid-19 pandemic with innovative applications.
The technology is FDA approved for use with food and food surfaces.

UV Surface Disinfection Conveyor, Tunnel

UV Surface Disinfection Conveyors and UV Decontamination Tunnels, reduce microbiological contamination on the surface of  meat, fruit, vegetables, packaging materials and pharmaceuticals and the risk of transferring contamination, by destroying microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, viruses, yeast and fungi, without any chemicals.


Sanuvox UV Air Treatment Systems are designed to maximize exposure time delivering ultraviolet energy required for exceptionally high airborne disinfection rates.

Sanuvox Air Purification Systems, in-duct and stand-alone, are used around the world in residential, commercial, healthcare and medical environments.

UV Pulsed Conveyor enriches mushrooms with Vit D

Specialist UV Systems, include Pulsed UV, used to enrich mushrooms with Vitamin D, UV Odour Control Systems, Excimer UV Curing and Microwave UV. JenAct UV-C Air and Surface Disinfection products are used in various applications across food, packaging, pharmaceutical industries and in medical environments

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Our Partners

We are proud members of International Ultraviolet Association, since 1999 and  Campden BRI. We actively participate in projects with experts in the food industry, UV radiometry and manufacturers of UV components and automation systems.

IUVA Official Overview of UV Disinfection